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    Unhappy File Handling?!?

    Ok, I asked this before. I've tried the suggestions and have failed. This is what I want to do.

    I have a question.txt file that looks like this.
    Question 1: Yadda yadda
    Answer: TRUE
    Question 2: Yadda Yadda
    Answer: FALSE

    Now how would I make a program read from that file, print the question, ask for user input then check the answer against the answer in the text file? I think I can figure out the user input part, but I just need help with the file handling part. Any help would be appretiated.


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    A bit like this perhaps
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ( int argc, char **argv ) {
        FILE *fp = fopen( "question.txt", "r" );
        char question[BUFSIZ], answer[BUFSIZ], my_answer[BUFSIZ];
        while ( fgets( question, BUFSIZ, fp ) != NULL ) {
            fgets( answer, BUFSIZ, fp );
            printf( "%s", question );
            fgets( my_answer, BUFSIZ, stdin );
            if ( strcmp( answer, my_answer) == 0 ) {
                // correct
            } else {
                // wrong
        return 0;
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