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    Post Error consistency checking with converting double into string

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    So, here's an example of the input:

    blah 20 10 100503 location

    How many spaces are there? I see 4. So why are you doing:
    >>if (count != 5)

    And this:
    >>if (startkm > endkm)
    >>Invalid. Start km must be greater than end km
    You're test doesn't match your error message.

    The variables startkm and endkm are double, and as such, sscanf() and fprintf() will need to be told they're %lf, not %d as you currently have.

    If you really want to use sscanf() to grab the two numbers from the input line, I suggest you do it like so:
    if (sscanf(line, "%*s %lf %lf", &startkm, &endkm) != 2)
      fprintf ("Two numbers were not read in\n");
      /* Handle error */
    You might also want to investigate grabbing the string inputs at the same time (name/date/location)

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