Thread: Checking for errors on output streams

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    Checking for errors on output streams

    void write_deletion(D_RECORD *record, FILE *outfile)
    I want to check if there has been an error writing to the outfile stream, could I just add an if( ferror(outfile) ){...}, after the call to the above function, in the calling function? Checking for EOF from each of the fputc calls will look a little messy...
    I need to take into account that the HD may have filed up etc, and alert the user that there was an error.
    Also, if there is an error, what is a good way to print it?
    perror(FILENAME_OF_OUTFILE); is ok?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check the return code of the function doing the writing for the best results, imho.

    Lookup fwrite(), that might do you a better job than multiple calls the fputc().

    >>perror(FILENAME_OF_OUTFILE); is ok?
    Yes, that's OK.
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