Thread: strcpy() with an array of strings

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    strcpy() with an array of strings

    Hi. I have a multidimensional arrays of char's that I'm using to hold strings. The multidimensional array is shared with a forked process. I'm getting a segmentation fault when I try to use strcpy to place a string into one of the rows of the mulitidimensional array. Here's my code.

    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <sys/types.h>
    #include <sys/ipc.h>
    #include <sys/shm.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int shmid;
    int main()
    	int id, index;
                    char **shmaddr = (char **)malloc(7 * sizeof(char *));
                    shmaddr[0] = (char *)malloc(7 *  50 * sizeof(char));
                    for (index = 0; index < 7; index++)
    	                shmaddr[index] = shmaddr[0] + index * 50;
    	shmid = shmget(IPC_PRIVATE, 4096, IPC_CREAT|0644);
    	shmaddr = shmat(shmid, (void *) 0, 0);
                    printf("First position of shared memory has contents %s\n", shmaddr[0]);
                    if (id != 0){
    	shmctl(shmid, IPC_RMID, (struct shmid_ds *) 0);}
    	return 0;

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    >>shmaddr[0] = (char *)malloc(7 * 50 * sizeof(char));
    >>shmaddr[index] = shmaddr[0] + index * 50;
    shmaddr[0] holds a pointer to a malloc() section of data. You overwrite that pointer just 2 lines later. shmaddr[0] no longer points to your malloc()'d memory, in fact it points to memory you probably don't own, hence strcpy() can't do its job.
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    Oh... that's the code somebody gave me when I told them I wanted a multidimensional char array that was shared between all processes... why then, does replacing the call to strcpy() with

    shmaddr[0] = "stuff";


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    Sorry about starting a new thread for the same thing. I won't do that again, but I still could use a hand with this problem. I was allocating the memory wrong before, as you guys pionted out. I fixed that, and now use the following code:

    char ** buf;
    int shmid;
    shmid = shmget(IPC_PRIVATE, 350 * sizeof(char), IPC_CREAT|0644);
    buf = shmat(shmid, (void *) 0, 0);
    for (index = 0; index < 7; index++)
         buf[index] = buf[0] + index * sizeof(char);
    But I still can't figure out how to copy a char * array into this space.

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