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    Question Structures & Comparing

    I have a structure into which I have wrote a record from a binary file


    struct customer{
    char type;
    float balance;

    I am wanting to check if the type is I or R.

    Say customer_ptr is a pointer to the structure.

    strcmp won't work:

    strcmp(customer_ptr->type, 'I');

    because of the type mismatch in parameters.

    So what's the best way to do this?

    I'm also having a problem with strcpy. I'm wanting to copy a float value into 'balance' in the structure.

    strcpy(customer_ptr->balance, float);
    Again a type mismatch.

    What am I missing??


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    > What am I missing?
    char type;
    float balance;
    are not strings, so you need different comparison functions.

    > strcmp(customer_ptr->type, 'I');
    should be
      if ( customer_ptr->type == 'I' ) {
      // match

    > strcpy(customer_ptr->balance, float);
    should be
      customer_ptr->balance = 123.45;
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