Thread: to display 8-bit bmp

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    to display 8-bit bmp

    u took my question otherwise.........
    What i mean is.....u need to enter some value in AL register before interrupting to use ROM-BIOS function.
    For example....
    for 320x200 256 color....u need to enter 0x13 in AL register to set VGA for that........
    But I want to display an image in 800x600 256 mode.......Then what should I enter in AL register.
    If u had the code to display bmp.....plz send it to me.
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    That is the best you can do using INT 10h BIOS services (as far as I know).

    You should look into using Vesa Bios Extensions (VBE).


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    If you want code to display bitmap then this should help you.

    I don't know about getting into 800 x 600 mode.

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