Thread: need help please! getchar, putchar, etc.

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    need help please! getchar, putchar, etc.

    Hello everyone
    If anyone can help me with my lab problem, it will be greatly appreciated. I hope it's not a dumb question! Here it is:

    >>This program will “pronounce” an ordinary sentence with a lisp. Prompt the user to enter a sentence. Read the characters one at a time using getchar(), until a period appears. As they are read, convert everything to lower case and test for occurrences of the character ‘s’ and the pair “ss”. Replace each ‘s’ or “ss” by the letters ‘t’ and ‘h’. Print the converted message using putchar().

    For example, given the sentence “I see his house.”, the output would be “I thee hith houthe.”<<

    I am not sure how to do this program code?? I know how to use getchar and putchar to print out how many spaces are in a sentence but not how to change things in the sentence and print out the changed sentence, any help would be very nice! : )

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    read with getchar() as instructed.
    use tolower() from ctype.h to make lowercase.
    check to see if s. if s then insert into your buffer t else insert read char
    read next char. check for s. if s insert h else insert h and read char
    end of loop.

    your buffer contains lispy string.that can be outputted with putchar() as instructed. more help requires original code.
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