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    Processing command line args...

    Is there a "standard" or typical way to process command-line arguments in argv?

    In the past, I've always just used simple if statements, but that is when the args needed to be provided in a specific order. I now have an assignment that requires that the application be invoked like this:
    progname -o outfile n q
    where n and q are just integers and are unrelated to each other.

    The way I interpret this is that since the output file is specified with the -o switch, the arguments could be passed in any order at the CLI as long as the integers n & q are in the proper order. For example:
    progname n -o outfile q
    would be a valid call. This makes my simple if statements that check the indices of argv in a sequential manner obsolete.

    I know I could handle this in several ways without much difficulty, but it might be messy. If there is a standard way to handle this situation, since so many programs use such switches, then I might as well do it properly so that I can do it this way from now on.

    If someone could point me in the right direction, either with a URL, or link, a keyword to Google on, or even just an idea, it would be much appreciated.


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    There are different libraries on different systems. You might as well do it yourself or look for something online. I just did a google on "command line parser" and found some cool stuff.


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    Originally posted by vVv

    But you can't just ``throw in a bunch of numbers'' and expect it to parse that properly.
    That's what I thought. It seemed kinda silly that some of the arguments in the specs had switches and some did not.

    It seems that I won't be doing this in any standard way then. But thanks for the ideas and information. I will most certainly use them when the specs given are more 'conventional'.


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