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    Im coming to program in C my first microcontroller, (before I done in Assembler) the micro is the PSoC from Cypress, could you help me to find some guidelines, some examples about code all ready done over this device (Not in Assembler, about that is full, but I cannot find C Code Examples for this device!)


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    For sample code, I think your best bet would be Cypress (however lacking that may be). There were some app notes with mixed source. Are there any examples that were included with the compiler?

    You might get better results from the newsgroup comp.arch.embedded. I didn't find much there in a quick search, though.
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    Thanx for your help, I cheking the app notes from Cypress, the majore of them are in Assembler but some are in C!

    I join the newsgroup u mentioned, maybe I could find some help also there!!!


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