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    Question life simulation


    My Challenge: to populate a 20x20 array with 100 random numbers which will represent organisms which will then die out based on their neighbours' existence.

    My approach: I've generated the 100 numbers between 0 and 400 using srand, which to my simple mind I would like to use to represent the random positions in the array, then I would like to place an asterisk in the positions, representing the life-forms.

    Is this too complex an approach 'cause for the life of me I can't get them read into the array.

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    > I can't get them read into the array.

    Use two for-loops to enter the data into the array.

    for (x = 0; x < 20; x++)
      for (y = 0; y < 20; y++)
        array [x][y] = value;

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    It's a multi-dimensional array, you could first populate him, by asking the user, or just generating instead one random number, two random numbers, like this:
    int x,y;
    x = rand()%20+1;
    y = rand()%20+1; 
    colony[x][y] = '*';
    Also, it's not difficult to make the game... you need few functions, some of them to see how many neighbours a simple citizen have. The most funny in this game is the rules, this game is used in a lot of researches, really funny.

    Remember, you don't fill all the array in the first time, just add some citizens and see the evolution.

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