Thread: Passing by value and printing in function

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    Passing by value and printing in function

    I have an assignment I am working on, I am stuck at a beggining point. Below is the code I am working with. This is pretty much what the professor gave us to start with, all I am trying to do right now is pass some values to the subroutine and then print them in the subroutine to confirm the values passed. We have to pass by value. I can print the values in the main fine, but then I always get zeroes in the subroutine. I have a lot more to do in the assignment, but have been stuck here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    unsigned long adddouble(unsigned long x, unsigned long y)
    printf("%ld %ld \n", x, y);
    return(x+y); /* no interest at this time */

    double d1, d2, *dp;
    unsigned long *longp1,*longp2, s;

    scanf("%lf %lf", &d1, &d2); /* get two input real numbers */
    printf("%lf %lf \n", d1, d2);

    longp1 = (unsigned long *) &d1;
    longp2 = (unsigned long *) &d2;

    s = adddouble(*longp1,*longp2);

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    Pass adddouble() doubles d1 and d2 and return a double....
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