Thread: Always returns FAIL, why???

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    Always returns FAIL, why???

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main()

    int course_code, student_grade;

    printf("Please enter a valid number 1 -3\n");
    scanf("%d", &course_code);

    switch (course_code)
    case 1 : printf("ENGINEERING\n"); break;
    case 2 : printf("COMPUTER SCIENCE\n"); break;
    case 3 : printf("SCIENCE\n"); break;
    default : printf("INVALID COURSE CODE\n"); break;

    printf("Please enter a valid grade A,B,C\n");


    scanf("%s", &student_grade);

    switch (student_grade)
    case 'A' rintf("DISTINCTION"); break;
    case 'B' rintf("MERIT"); break;
    case 'C' rintf("PASS"); break;
    default rintf("FAIL"); break;


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    As an aside, when posting code it is a good idea to turn smilies off, and of course, use code tags.
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    Make student_grade a character type variable. You were using an int and then checking 'A' etc.
    char student_grade;
    Also %s is for strings so use this
    scanf(" %c", &student_grade);

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