Thread: spell checker in c needs help

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    spell checker in c needs help

    i am slightly new to c:-)i am working on a spell checker and want some ideas.
    For example if "Domputer" is the word,it should give "Computer","Dumper" etc.but so far i am able to compare words with similar stringgths and most number of alphabet similarities,so now i can only computer as the suggestion but not "Dumper" etc.Anyone has any idea?

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    Maybe check the number of chars that you have in the words, check if you have some sub-strings in the words, like in :
    Triske, Disk - you have the "isk" sub-string, it's a good way to start I think

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    What you want is a fuzzy string match algorithm such as Baeza-Yates-Gonnet or Wu-Manber. A nice hard google should give you plenty of resources on the subject.

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    Try using edit distance, too - return results for the words with the smallest edit distance.. Blah, google :l
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