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    thanks but..

    i would like to thank Scarlet 7,hammer and vvv for the help..they're really helpful.
    but i have another problem, the terminal application that i want to build using nic(network interface card) is supposed to be working and sending data in the MAC layer. which means i'm going to create my own packets and send them via the network card to another computer connected to mine via rj45 cable.
    can a network card be used for this purpose? if can, how?
    can somebody help me please?

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    You can send data via TCP using rj45 cables.

    Connect 2 computers back to back - RJ45 CrossOver Cable.
    Connect 2 computers over a network via a HUB - RJ45 Straight Cables.

    Confiure the PCs with IP addresses and send to the IP, either back to back or over a network.

    MAC layer ?

    There's is no need to be concerned with packets or packet sizes using TCP, just send the and receive data. TCP handles the packets.

    Look at re-writing the comms layer of your current apps.

    The best way to start is to write small send and receive prototype test apps and get them working, then incorperate the working code.

    I have no experiance of working at packet layers.

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