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    C project

    Hi im taking my first C course at technical college and weve been asked to do a project in C. somewhere along the lines of a multifunction calculator,....etc..... around a 1200 lines

    but, it cant be a multifunction calculator.

    any ideas on what type of project i can do?

    ps. remember im a green foot!

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    hmm what about a multifunction calculator that converts like grams to kilograms, miles to kilometres, pounds to kilo's etc..

    there are only 10 people in the world, those who know binary and those who dont

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    between photons and phonons
    make some sort of quiz....
    i did it a while ago some hints
    use a file called answer.txt to store answers
    use a file called questions.txt to store questions
    read each line of questions display to standard output ask for an answer to that question and check wether the users answer is the same as the answer in the file answer.txt.

    To protect ppl from cheating u can make another application that encodes answer.txt (work with a table to convert each character like a to ,for instanc, 012345.

    This is very basic since u only need fgets, printf some string functions, fopen, fclose.... cant be that hard.

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