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    Random Characters

    There is probably a simple solution to this, but my mind is drawing a blank right now.

    I know how to get a random letter...

    srand( time(NULL) );
    randChar = rand( ) % 26 + 'a';

    I know how to get a random number...

    srand( time(NULL) );
    randNum = rand();

    My question is..How do I get a random character so that the result can either be a letter OR a number??

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    look for a ascii table. it will tell you what numbers are actual key board characters. then use a couple ifs to parse it. if its ascii print it, if not get a new number.

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    something like this *might* work, but you'd need to be careful of numbering systems.


    loop of your choice

    generate your random number

    if(isalnum(random number))
    do something

    continue loop
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    0-9 is ASCII 48-57. a-z is ASCII 97-122.
    Generate a random number 0-36, if it's 0-9 convert that to an ASCII 0-9 (add 48). If it's 10 or over add 87. The result should be a char of 0-9 or a-z.
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    /* No need for conditional tests, just initialise a char array with the values that you wish to use. No need to worry about ASCII codes. */
    const char array[] = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789";
    char RandChar;


    /* Now use either of these two methods... */
    RandChar = *(array + (rand() % (sizeof(array)-1)));
    RandChar = array[rand() % (sizeof(array)-1)];

    /* Use sizeof(array)-1 as sizeof() counts the terminating NULL as part of the array size. */
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