Thread: Help with a program for my class

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    Help with a program for my class

    cell phones have small screens and you must fit all information on one line. i.e. prime: 49 m. off-peak: 231 m. cost: 19.50
    For our cell phone 'plan' the first 30 minutes primetime and 200 minutes off peak are included with the monthly fee, the cost reflects a .39 cent a minute charge for calls that exceed the included minutes.
    You will need a menu (can you squeeze it onto the same line as the minutes?) for entering fake phone calls. A call will essentially just ask the user to enter the type and length of the call, then will refresh the splash screen and information line.

    This is what I have to do, and no clue on where to get started besides a few i/o commands, any help or any direction would be cool, thanks guys

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    No-one is going to write your homework for you.

    Try using those simple io commands - that plus a bit of maths should be all you need.

    If you get stuck on something specific, post the code you've written and your problem back to the forum, and you'll get help.

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    Like Morgan said, try it yourself!
    Also, maybe now would be a good time to read this.

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