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    memory allocation

    My program creates a binary file(bin_file.bin). Everytime the program is executed, I make changes to this struct (my_struct1)such as modifying the variables inside the struct. I also may need to add more structs(my_struct2 and my_struct3) at the end of the original struct (my_struct1). Once the program finishes execution, all the structs are to be contigeous and saved to the file (bin_fil.bin).

    I am not sure what system calls I am supposed to make to make sure that my_struct1, my_struct2 and my_struct 3 are saved to the file contigeously so when I execute my program in the future I will also have access to the data not just in my_struct1 but also to my_struct2 and my_struct3.

    You input is greatly aprreciated.

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    You will want to look at:
    And do something like:
    fwrite((const char*)&my_struct1,1,sizeof(my_struct1),f);
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