Thread: C files - <stdio.h>

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    C files - <stdio.h>

    Hi, im new to programming, and im trying to find the location of files, such as stdio.h and conio.h. Anyone know of good websites where i can get this from? What are some good sites for newbies to C Programming.. Im devoting 2 years to understanding it, so ive got time to learn.

    thanks, greg

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    1) In your includes directory.
    2) You're at the right spot.
    3) Read the FAQ.
    4) Read the sticky threads.
    5) Learn how to use a search engine.
    6) Leanr how to search the forum.

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    list of functions from stanard c library
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    when you are running linux you can have a look in your include dir.

    that should be /usr/src/linux/include/*

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