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    unsigned int

    Hi, what does this line mean, also, does anyone know where a command list for c programming is..

    id rather see a list, than read over code and learn it sucks.

    return (unsigned int)(rand_seed / 65536) % 32768;

    a command list like

    int =
    for =
    do =

    that would make my life easier, anyone recommend a book????

    no wonder people go nuts with this programming

    there is no guideline.

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    Here's an option for you

    Though we might also recommend "See Jonny run." and perhaps "The joys of the search button."

    And as a final thought,, you could always start at the beginning, you may be shocked to learn that you're not the first to come here and ask such questions, and some smart cookies actually set up the site with beginners in mind.
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