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    Question DOS graphics help!!

    Can neone possiby tell me the mode number to be passed on to the setmode() function to initialize high resolution graphics mode in C. 0x13 mode number increases the number of available colors to 256, but lowers the resolution to 320/200 pixels, significantly lower than even stangard BGI (640/480). But in 0x13 mode I can access video memory directly, at locaton 0xA000 which makes the refreshing of the screen super quick, compared with the slow BGI. I tried using different mode numbers, but the results are erratic. Sometimes resolution increases at the cost of the Y axis and (1152/150) pixels are allI get.

    Actually this is to improve a cricket game I made in BGI graphics. Higher resolution and a wider range of colors than the miserly 16 of BGI would do wonders for the game and the sport.
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    Don't cross post!

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    We dont allow cross posts......please be patiant and someone will answer your post on the C++ board

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