Thread: Seems like correct code, but results are not right...

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    Seems like correct code, but results are not right...

    I have some code, and while most of it works, the final part of it does not. I have looked for the mistake in the code for quite a while, but I have been unable to. (It's probably something obvious too...)

    Anyhow, here are the results of my last compile.

    #include <stdio.h>
    { int s_code, c_code;
    double sale_amount, sale_comm;
    printf("Salesperson code: ");
    scanf("%d", &s_code);
    printf("Customer code: ");
    scanf("%d", &c_code);
    printf("Sale amount in dollars and cents: ");
    scanf("%5.2lf", &sale_amount);
    printf("\n\n SALES REPORT");
    printf("\nSalesperson Code: %7d", s_code);
    printf("\n Customer Code: %7d", c_code);
    printf("\n\n Sale Amount: $%7.2lf", sale_amount);
    sale_comm = sale_amount * 0.144;
    printf("\n Commission: $%7.2lf", sale_comm);


    Salesperson code: 14
    Customer code: 134
    Sale amount in dollars and cents: 24

    Salesperson Code: 14
    Customer Code: 134

    Sale Amount: $ 0.00
    Commission: $ 0.00

    Obviously the sale amount and commission aren't supposed to be zero, but I have racked my brains for a long time on this problem. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Just use this:
    scanf("%lf", &sale_amount);
    instead of %5.2lf
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    >>scanf("%5.2lf", &sale_amount);
    Take out the 5.2 and it'll work fine :-)

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    OMG, I feel sooooo stupid! >_<

    Thanks for your help ^_^.

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    Please read this
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