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    Question Pointers Between Functions


    A bit new to C and struggling with passing a pointer back to a calling function. Read the manual but not sure what I am doing wrong..

    Basically I have a function (JRRreadRecord) which reads a record from a file (among other things). I want this to return the result to pRecord in the main call. I know that the result returned by the readFile function will either be a pointer to the record or NULL if no record is found.

    This is core dumping on the line that starts char *pRecord in the main function. I was wondering if I should be passing the value back using an int memory address rather than a char*?

    Code is...

    public main()


    /* go read a record from the file in function JRRreadRecord */
    char *pRecord = JRRreadRecord();

    while ( pRecord != NULL) {

    process the file in here



    PUBLIC char* JRRreadRecord()

    /* read a single record from the file. The readFile function returns a Pointer to record or NULL if no record found.*/
    char *pResult = readFile(fileName);

    /* The question is do we return the record or do we return the memory address? like this.. */
    return pResult


    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    > PUBLIC char* JRRreadRecord()

    means that you need to return a pointer to char. There fore this

    > return pResult;

    is correct.

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