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    how to set timer

    i need to set a timer to timeout if no data is received from the serial com port.

    I cant use sleep() as data may come in anytime and need to be processed immediately. sleep() will halt the program for that time.
    How do i set an timer alarm to indicate timeout? Or is there any articles or ways that can help to solve the problem?


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    #include <time.h>
    int main ( void )
      clock_t strt_tmr;
      strt_tmr = clock();
      {  // Begin loop for reading data from serial port
         // Code to scan from serial port goes here.
         if ( clock() > (strt_tmr+10000) ) // check for timeout (10 seconds)
              //set a flag  here to exit loop with timeout error
      }// End of code for scanning from serial port
      return 0;
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