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    I have following code snap written in VC++ 6.0
    if ( sscanf( p,"%02x",&ID ) != 1 )
    printf("ID = %d\n",ID);
    return Error;

    If p = “tt” or “TZ” or “Za” or “R5” it returns error but “4T” or “7G” does not.

    What change do I need to make to return error even for “4T” and “7G”?

    That is, I want to return error if any of the character is non-numeric.

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    Don't use sscanf. You cannot force it to read 2 bytes always. You should just do it manually.

    Read one byte. Check for 0-9 or a-f. If it isn't, throw an error. If it is, read another byte and check it.

    You're misunderstanding how the *scanf functions work. They read until they don't find something that is readable. Then they put that item back onto the stream, so it counts as not being read.

    So, they see that 4 or 7 is valid, so they use it. They see that T or G is invalid, so they say, well, we've found one item. Push the T or G back, and return that we've found one usable item...

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    strtol() : You can use this with error checking quite easily.
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