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    Question pattern matching

    Can someone give me an example of how you do pattern matching in a string? For instance, if there's more than one decimal point in a string, or if there is a + or - that's embedded in the string / not the leading character of the string?


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    regexp can be used to deal with things like this.. but i don't know how to use it

    you could break the string down into fields, maybe one type for all numbers, another type for a decimal or a plus.. and then use a simple test of the sequence of fields (maybe driven by a table) to figure out which format the string is in. (to build the fields, you might use a linked list and loop through the string, adding a new field after processing all the data that belongs in a single field..)
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    strstr - find a string in a string
    strchr - find a character in a string

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    There are two major pattern matching algoritims:

    Boyer-Moore and KMP- Knuth Morris Pratt

    check them out
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    Does C support Regular Expressions?

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    Originally posted by _Cl0wn_
    Does C support Regular Expressions?
    Not in the standard. But some compilers have things like this
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