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    I am taking a C programming course at the moment, and I am working on my first program and hit a minor roadblock. In the book and in my professor's examples "%d" and "%d/n" (with the quotes) are used but not explained. I know in the examples that they are not using % for a Modulus. Can anyone help me out here?

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    Smile printf

    % tells printf and other function like it to replay the %<character> with a variable value eg printf("the variable i = %d",i);
    %d will be replaced with the value held in i. to print a character variable uses %c and to print a string %s etc any good c book will explain this in the first few pages. the \n is a carage return, like pressing return it will print what ever is after it a line below the text before it. I don't think i really explain that very well so if you want more help just email me

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