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    Different Releases

    Here is a quick question. Sorry if I am off the topic.

    What is candidate release and production release?

    Are there any other versions?

    Please let me know.


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    RC's, aka Release Canidate's are version of the program which are not teh final verison but are usually very very close. Production Release is usually the final one.

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    I am looking for more clear difference..

    Any pointers on this topic will also be appreciated.


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    Candidate release is a build which is being tested for bugs. Sometimes they actually release this to the general public, but not the official release. They start doing this when enough features are done and they want to have the number of bugs lower before making an official release as it were. When the bug count is sufficient in a candidate release they will either fix some bugs then do the production release. Or they will just take all the code from that candidate release and that becomes the production release. Production release of course is pretty much what it sounds, the for sale or to be used by the general masses release.

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