Thread: C or C++????

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    C or C++????

    Just wanted to ask some people w/ experience. Which is the better language to start with? C or C++? My hopes are to develop code for use on the most platforms possible, as I am slowly weaning myself off of microsofts dope. I've heard before that learning C first is the way to go, although learning how to manage memory can be very challenging. The only programming languages i have used to any extent thus far have ben scripting languages. (python, perl, ksh....) Also which development environment, compliler, etc is the best to learn with? i.e. forces you to use good coding practices and standards? Thanks in advance for any insight. I'll return the favor to the board one day when I have some experience under my belt.

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    forces you to use good coding practices and standards?
    If you want to get good coding practice and standards, choose C++. The only reason I say this is because C++ is stronger typed... "safer".

    The truth is that C and C++ are pretty similiar.
    The other truth is that this is one of the most asked questions ever.
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    Well I learned C first so I'd probably lean toward C. However, maybe I am just being biased. I do have to say that people who learn C first generally use a cleaner coding style (particulary when scoping variables) however I think overall it truly doesn't matter. If you learn C++ first you are technically learning C as well. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

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