Thread: Anyone here good with math?

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    Question Anyone here good with math?

    I didn't take statistics yet, but, anyway, how would you calculate the standard deviation of 10, 33, and 50 using C language?

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    all you have to do is use the same formula(s) as the math gives you. You probably don't need to do anything special. You should look in an encyclopedia, a library, or just on the internet for how to do a standard deviation. That isn't really a programming question anyway.

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    int scores[100],amount; //null terminated, max 99 scores
    long int total=0;
    double average,answer;
    long double numerator=0;
    //assuming scores[] is still null terminated
    for(amount=0;scores[amount];amount++) total+=str[amount];
    //amount has number of scores
    for(int i=0;scores[i];i++) numerator+=((scores[i]-average)*(scores[i]-average));
    Im pretty sure I got the equation for S.D right. You may want to verify.
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