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    Question Extracting a sub-String

    I am new to C and I have a requirement that is causing a few problems. I have to extract a substring from a string.

    The substring is a date in the form of YYYYMMDDHHMMSS and I know that the string I need to extract this from is in the form of...


    Where the GR_ bit is always constant in any string that my code will process.

    Since I know the start position and length (4 and 14 respectively) of the bit I require I thought it would be easy. I was kind of expecting a string function which allowed me to nominate these values and return to me the value I require.

    Reading through various sources there doesn't seem to any such function. Can someone give me some advice

    Thanks in Advance


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    How about strncpy ?

    const char s1[] = "GR_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_nnnn";
    char s2[15];
    strncpy(s2, s1+3, 14);
    s2[14] = '\0';

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