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    NULL question

    I notice when lots of you post any code you use NULL, yet in my code it wont let me use NULL for my structs. Is this meant to be a pseudocode or does it actually work?

    struct NODE
    char word[WORDSIZE];
    struct NODE *next;

    struct LIST
    struct NODE listTop;

    now I want to try to set the List to NULL, but am unable to do that. Asking about my code a few days ago I got this repsponse:


    yet when Im searching for it, it wont stop when it sees what would be the NULL character, and searching while it's !=NULL doesnt work either.

    Any help or msgs where I can get more info on structs set to NULL would be appreciated.


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    NULL isn't a direct part of the language and is only defined in certain headers. If you don't include them or define NULL yourself, then you'll get errors wherever NULL occurs. In most cases, it's safer to just use 0 instead (unless an API's specification specifically states for you to use NULL).

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