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    Unhappy Char. troubles !!!!

    Folks...a very frustrating problem........pls. help.

    I am reading a input file having special characters like
    ^L^F^H^I^K^M ...... and so on, among other data.

    I am reading the input file using fread.

    char *buf ;
    Allocate memeory for buf ;
    /* I come to know about the value of LEN just before fread
    LEN gives me the number of special characters on current line
    in the input file */

    Point to be noted each '^L','^F'..... are being stored as 'single'
    characters in 'buf'.

    After these characters I go on and read other data from the input
    file and process it.

    In the program I have to convert the special characters to their
    decimal values.Their decimal values are given in the ASCII table.

    I first tired used 'atoi' which obviously didn't work !!!.

    Now I have declared a static multidimensional char. array.
    A sample :

    static char *table[2][33] = {
    {"^@", "^A","^B","^C","^D",..............} ,
    { "1" , "2" ,"3", "4", "5", ................. }

    My problem is I cannot even use 'strcmp' to compare. 'strcmp'
    just fails and dumps core .
    Because spl. chars. read from input file as being read/stored as
    single characters and my array treats each spl. char as strings.

    How do i get the decimal equivalent of such characters in this
    case. I am working on SOLARIS platform.

    Any ideas ....???
    I am really stuck and have no idea how to do it .

    Appreciate all kinds of suggestions.


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    I have two things to say:

    1. You are saying that your chars (^M, etc) are stored as single characters. Now in your array you specify those chars as strings, i.e. "^M", as opposed to specifying them as character '^M'.

    2. If you want to compare something and strcmp() is failing you, you can always use memcmp(), which essentially does the same thing, but works on anything that you give it.
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