Thread: Adding a node to a linked list

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    Adding a node to a linked list

    I'm having the worst time trying to add a node into a linked list. I can't even get the node in. My instructor said this would work, but I think he must have read it over too quickly. The list is supposed to be in ascending order of Zip codes.

    struct SListNode{
       char City[41];
       char State[3];
       char Zip[6];
       double Longitude;
       double Latitude;
       long Population;
       struct SListNode *Next;
       struct SListNode *Prev;
    void vAddListNode (struct SListHeader *psList, struct SListNode *psNode)
       struct SListNode *psNext=NULL;
       int comp;
       psList->iNodeCount = psList->iNodeCount+1;
       psNext = psList->psHead;
       comp = strcmp(psNode->Zip, psNext->Zip);
       while (comp > 0)
          psNode->Next = psNext;
          psNode->Prev = psNext->Prev;
          psNode->Next->Prev = psNext;
          psNode->Prev->Next = psNext;
          psNext = psNode->Next;
          printf("City5:  %s", psNext->City);
          printf("City5:  %s", psNode->City);
          comp = strcmp(psNode->Zip, psNext->Zip);
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    I'am just posting here, don't forget to add the code tags, you need to open it and close it [] and [/].

    Without this, your code look bad

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    I've figured this out so don't worry about it.


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