Thread: Getting information from sound cards

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    Cool Getting information from sound cards

    I am a final year electrical engineering student, and have the joy of having to complete a large project.

    I am going to be processing audio signals within a C progam - where my problems lay. I have sufficent experiance to write most of the code, but I will require the ability to take my input directly from a sound card.

    I am simply woundering if anyone has any experiance of working with sound cards, and if there is any advice they could offer!



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    The hardware documentation should tell you how to do it, either by hacking into it with pointers or using a built in API that comes with the sound card. Alternatively you can use a third party library like DirectSound to throw all that behind an abstraction at the cost of a little control. :-)

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    If you use the Windows OS, you could consider to use the Win32 API functions for waveform processing. Those functions allow you to handle the soundcard on a high level on which you don't need to bother how the driver of your soundcard works.

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