Thread: 2D Array and pointer. Help!

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    2D Array and pointer. Help!

    I'm trying to read in the dictionary with a name and a number, but it doesn't work. I'm doing a lot of mistakes... Can somebody point out where I need to correct?

    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <ctype.h>
    #include "Dictionary.h"
    int count=0;
    int main(){
    	dic dicptrs[20];
    	char k[20], v[20];
    	int insert;
    	dicptrs[count]= CreateDictionary();
    	printf("Enter a name:");
    	scanf("%s", &k);
    	printf("Enter a number:");
    	scanf("%s", &v);
    	insert = InsertEntries(dicptrs[20],k,v);
    	printf("%s and %s\n", dicptrs->keys, dicptrs->values);
    Dictionary* CreateDictionary(void){
    /* Pre:		True
     * Post:	size of dictionary = 0 && count = 0
    	dic dicptr;
    	dicptr = (Dictionary*) malloc(sizeof(Dictionary));
        dicptr->keys = dicptr->values = NULL;
        return dicptr;
    int InsertEntries(Dictionary* dicptr, char key[], char value[]){
    	return 1;
    And here is the header file:

    #ifndef DICTIONARY_HDR
    #define DICTIONARY_HDR
    typedef struct dictionary { 
            char* keys[20]; 
            char* values[20]; 
            int count; 
    } Dictionary, *dic;
    Dictionary* CreateDictionary(void);
    /* Pre:		True
     * Post:	size of dictionary = 0 && count = 0
    int InsertEntries(Dictionary *dic,char[], char value[]);
    /* Pre:		size dic >=0
     * Post:	Return 1 if the insertion was perfomed and 0 otherwise
     *			size dic = size dic0+1

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    Your problem is consistent at least. :-) You're forgetting that the thing to the left of the -> operator in just about every case is an array of pointers, not a single pointer. You have to add a subscript, like this
    dicptr->keys[0] = dicptr->values[0] = NULL;

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