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    void non void function

    i'm so confused......when should or must i use void or non void function. and another question one star * and double star **
    how t use it ............Thank you very much

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    You should use void function, when you don't want to return "anything" from that function.

    About your second question 'one star or two':
    One 'star' means a Pointer, he points to a place on the memory.
    Two 'stars' means a Pointer that points to another pointer.

    if you be more specific on your question, we can help you more.

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    i mean sometimes you still want to use or update the value in non void function but u dont have to return it so this makes me confuse

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    The function should generally be void if you're never going to want it to return a value. This does not stop the function from working with variables or other program information by way of pointers etc.
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    What value?

    A value passed in?
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    An example of a function that returns void.
    #include <stdio.h>
    void DumpInt(int);
    int main()
      int j = 10;
      printf ("But in main its %d\n", j);
      return 0;
    void DumpInt(int i)
      printf ("Your number is %d\n", i);
      i += 10;
      printf ("Your number is now %d\n", i);
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    >>when should or must i use void or non void function.
    You use void when all you want is the side effect
    void display(int num)
      printf("The number is %d\n", num);
    As opposed to wanting a direct change
    int add(int a, int b)
      return a + b;

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