Thread: Serial Communications with win32 api

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    Serial Communications with win32 api

    I am trying to control a serial port with the win32 api in C. I believe that I have caught all the critical elements, but it does not seem to work.

    I am trying to control the DTR/RTS signal on the serial port in order to control an X10 device. Here is the code where I try to access the serial port.

    Note: lpComPort == COM2

    if ((hComm=CreateFile(lpComPort, GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE, 0, 0 , OPEN_EXISTING, 0 ,0))==INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) {
    printf("Error creating output to COM Port\n");
    } /* endif */

    if (SendSignal(ComPort, Reset, hComm)==FALSE) printf("Reset Failed\n");
    if (SendSignal(ComPort, Standby, hComm)==FALSE) printf("Standby Failed\n");
    if (SendSignal(ComPort, Header, hComm)==FALSE) printf("Header Failed\n");
    if (SendSignal(ComPort, Signal, hComm)==FALSE) printf("Signal Failed\n");
    if (SendSignal(ComPort, Footer, hComm)==FALSE) printf("Footer Failed\n");

    return 0;

    } /* end MakeSignal */

    int SendSignal(int ComPort, char *Signal, HANDLE Commi)
    int i;
    int k;
    BOOL Result;

    for (i=0;i<k;i++) {
    if (Signal[i]=='0') {
    Result=ControlCom(0,1, Commi);
    } else if (Signal[i]=='1') {
    Result=ControlCom(1,0, Commi);
    } else if (Signal[i]=='2') {
    Result=ControlCom(0,0, Commi);
    } else if (Signal[i]=='3') {
    Result=ControlCom(1,1, Commi);
    } /* endif */
    } /* end for */

    return Result;
    } /* end SendSignal */

    int ControlCom(int RTS, int DTR, HANDLE Commi)
    DWORD dwFunction;

    if (RTS==0) dwFunction=CLRRTS;
    if (RTS==1) dwFunction=SETRTS;

    if (DTR==1) dwFunction=(SETDTR);
    if (DTR==0) dwFunction=(CLRDTR);

    return EscapeCommFunction(Commi,dwFunction);

    } /* end ControlCom */

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    Never mind, found my problem....

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