Thread: Is this a macro?

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    Is this a macro?

    I'm writing a bit of code using linked lists, and the statement...

    (struct node *) NULL

    keeps popping up all over the place.

    I would like to alias that as something else (e.g.) NNULL, so I tried...

    #define NNULL "(struct node *) NULL"

    then wrote

    if( head_node != NNULL )

    but the compiler said I couldn't compare a pointer to struct with a pointer to char, which is understandable.

    Do I need to write a macro to implement this... and if so, how do I do it.


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    >>Well if you're writing in C (its on the C board)
    It's redundant in C++ too unless NULL is defined as (void *)0, then you'd get a warning about pointer conversions needing a cast. But since a bare 0 is implicitly converted to a null pointer in pointer context, you can avoid that problem by not using the NULL macro at all. :-)

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