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    Lightbulb read homework luzerz

    You know, if you just didn't say "Oh, this is for my homework assignment", people would gladly help u. Just don't say it's for homework, ppl obviously hate that...

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    Leaving the homework part out won't always help. Most of the people who have been here a while can spot a homework question a mile away.

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    i think it's alright as long as the person doesn't ask others to write their homework for them. one point of this board is to learn and get advice on what you don't know.

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    Yes, I don't believe saying that homework is the problem. I believe not stating the problem you are particualrly having is the problem. it will make someone assume that you just want them to write it for you. Like in my first post, I pointed out that all I needed was an example of how to do one so I could figure out the rest, and someone was very helpful in that regard. I then figured out a lot and am now stuck again, asking for help. Very healthy thread relationship!

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    Posting homework related questions should not be a problem as long as it's a specific question. There are basic posting rules in effect, that people doing homework omit quite frequently:

    1) State your problem

    2) Show you gave it a try on yourself

    3) Present the result achieved up to now

    4) Tell the audience the desired result so we can fix it

    5) Give a short information on compiler/version/OS

    Most people don't give enough information for us to solve their Problem. There are some sentences that are keywords for lacking information:

    "It doesn't run"

    So... why not ??? What does it do ? Did you start it ? Did it come back ? What output do you see ?

    "It doesn't compile"

    So... why ??? Did your compiler went on strike ? It probably printed an errormessage, telling you what is wrong. This is rather cryptic at first sight. We know it's cryptic. But just leaving it out is not very helpful, because we would have to do the same parsing for errors your compiler just did for you. Again. With the same result.

    "My 500 Lines linked list program crashes somewhere"

    Where ? You can find out the easy way using a debugger. Maybe you don't have one at hand, or don't know how to use it yet, so you have to narrow the crash down to one line by using numerous outputs and searching for the last line that is and the first line that is not visible on screen, and you have a small part of your program that could cause the crash. Do that repeatedly with more and more outputs, and you get to the single line that crashes. From there, output the variables and see what's wrong.

    The problem is not people asking for help with their homework. But most people asking for help with their homework don't realize they need to ask the right questions to get an acceptable answer.

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