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    can someone please explane how i would tokenize a string looking for words that begin with an underscore or a capital or lowercase letter. I think i would use strtok but im not sure of the syntax. I also want to find words that end with : the problem is that some of the words that end with : are also words that begin with an underscore or a capital or lowercase letterbut i need to keep them seprate.

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    The one great thing about syntax is that you can look it up whenever you need to.

    Now, about those words.....

    You have words that sometimes begin with an underscore, a capital, or a lowercase letter.....

    Some examples I assume would look like this:


    And you're asking how to eliminate those words, but keep words in the string that end in a colon (

    So to get this string: aardvark _underscore Pentium keepme:

    to look like this: keepme:

    Is this correct?

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    no i want to take all of the words (strings sepparated by whitespace) that end with : and put them into a field of a node on a linked list and all of the words that begin with underscore or cap or lowercase and put them into another field of a node in a linked list each node in the list will contain 4 fields

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    Here's a very very very simple way to do this:
    char word[1024]={0};
    int x=0;
    FILE* fp = fopen("DoYourOwnErrorChecking.Ok", "r" );
       word[x] = fgetc( fp );
       if ( isspace( word[x] ) ) {
          catagorize( word ); // drop this word in the correct node
          x = 0;
       else x++;
    while( !feof( fp ) );
    Now, you make a function that is passed a single word:
    void catagorize( char *word )
       int startsWithUnderline = 0;
       int endsInColon = 0;
       int startsWithLower = 0;
       if( word == NULL ) return;
       if( word[0] == '_' ) startsWithUnderline = 1;
       else if ( isupper( word[0] ) ) startsWithLower = 1;
       if( startsWithUnderline && endsInColon )
          addToNode( underlineColonNode, word );
       if( ...
    You get the idea.


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