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    socket functions...

    i am using all of these functions in some of my codes but actually dont know
    what they are exactly doing.
    htons() -- "Host to Network Short"
    htonl() -- "Host to Network Long"
    ntohs() -- "Network to Host Short"
    ntohl() -- "Network to Host Long"
    there are others like atoi()....
    can someone explain me how these functions work/what they do?


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    These functions are used to overcome byte-ordering differences which may occur between the network protocol (e.g. TCP/IP) and the OS.

    byte ordering relates to whether or not the first bit in an 8-bit byte is the large bit or the small bit (Big-Endian or Little-Endian). As you say, the function acronyms relate to the following...

    H = Host
    N = Network
    L = Long ( really a 32-bit value )
    S = Short ( really a 16-bit value )

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    its clearer to me now thanks

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