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    Miracle C - Strutures

    Does anyone know how to pass structures to and from a funtion in miracle c? this is the code for turbo C++ i think but it not work because of the diffrences in compiler. any ideas?


    #include <stdio.h>

    struct exam {
    int mark;
    float av;

    struct exam grade(void);

    void main()
    printf("%d, %f", result.mark, result.av);

    struct exam grade(void)
    struct exam temp;

    temp.mark = 100;
    temp.av = 123.23;

    return temp;

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    Miracle C is a C compiler, Turbo C++ is a C++ compiler. This is an important difference.

    Function main() should be of type int and return an int-value.

    What does not work on your code or what errors does your compiler give? I've compiled it with GCC and have no problems.

    About passing a structure:

    /* When structure is only used for its info, pass it by value */
    void function (struct exam result)
        printf("%d, %f", result.mark, result.av);
    /* When adaptation of structure is necessary use pointer to struct */
    void function (struct exam *result)
        result->mark = 1;
        result->av = 1.0;
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