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    I just started a C programming class and would like to know if any of the compilers available for free download are good. This is for a XP or NT4 operationg system. Thanks.

    Jim Fulmer

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    Search the forum, there are loads of responces to this question.

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    dev c++ at

    Before I got given a copy of MSVC++ I used to use it, thought it was excellent considering it was free. It was about a 7 meg download when I had it.

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    Lcc-Win32 is a good, free C Compiler. You can download it at

    - Sean
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    Dev-C++ 4 is nice, so is Borland 5.5. I prefer Borland because I don't really use the IDE much, command line is easier.

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    DJGPP/GCC works well. The IDE it comes with (RHIDE) is good as well, although I don't know how they stack up to other compilers/IDE's. It's downloadable at

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    Thanks, all for your replies. I'll check them out.

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