As many of you have noticed, the contest section of this site has been inactive recently because our Contest Master, ygfperson, has been extremely busy. Therefore, he has suggested that we find a new Contest Master. So the hunt is on.

The job entails the following:

- Coming up with contest ideas
- Promoting contests
- Running contests
- Judging
- Maintaining and improving the contest web page

The benefits of the job will be revealed to the next contest master

The job is open to all active members; the webmaster and moderators will choose the next Contest Master from a list of interested candidates. In order to apply you must state on this thread that you wish to apply, and either by posting, e-mail, or PM (preferably PM), say why we should pick you to be the Contest Master.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or post them here.

Please keep this thread free of off topic conversation; and please, do not campaign.

Please make all responses here on the General Discussions board.

Lead Moderator