Thread: program ignoring fgets/scanf!

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    program ignoring fgets/scanf!

    i read some about a challenge in C and coded it in a matter of minutes.
    the exercise was:
    Write a complete program that will ask for a person's name and his or her game score. Then it will ask for a second person's score. The program will print the winner's name and also print by how many points that person won.
    heres my code
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    	struct data
    		char name[256];
    		int score;
    	} names[2];
    	printf("enter the first name: ");
    	fgets(names[1].name, sizeof(names[1].name), stdin);
    	printf("enter the first score: ");
    	scanf("%d", &names[1].score);
    	printf("enter the second name: ");
    	fgets(names[2].name, sizeof(names[2].name), stdin);
    	printf("enter the second score: ");
    	scanf("%d", &names[2].score);
    	if(names[1].score < names[2].score)
    		printf("the winner is: ");
    		printf("%s\n", names[2].name);
    		printf("he won by %d points", names[2].score-names[1].score);
    		printf("the winner is: ");
    		printf("%s\n", names[1].name);
    		printf("he won by %d points", names[1].score-names[2].score);
    	return 0;
    why is the second fgets/scanf statement ignored by my program?

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    Its because the '\n' character.
    Fgets dont read the line character, leaves it. So
    next time when scanf starts to read it finds the '\n' char first and stop reading.
    After fgets, test if '\n' was read, otherwise clean it from the buffer.
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    thanks for that quick answer!

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    Better still, don't mix your use of scanf() and fgets(). Best to read all the input with fgets() and perform any necessary conversion (char to number) internally.
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    how would i read a number with fgets?

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