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    "printf" Style Function


    I'd like to know how printf works, i know how the "%i" and other things work; But how do the variables at the end get passed off as arguments, for example:

    printf("%i", variable /* <<-- How would i do this variable argument? */);

    If i wanted to make my own printf, The Prototype would look something like this:

    void printf(char* String);

    I know how to detect %i, %c and things like that, but when i do detect it - Where would i get the variable argument from? Do you know what i mean?

    Where does the variable come from?

    printf("String %i", /*Where does this Come from??*/);

    Since the variable is not in the prototype, there would be a compiler error, so how does it work?

    If you don't understand what i'm asking, just say and i'll try and rephrase it;

    Please help if you can,

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    >But how do the variables at the end get passed off as arguments

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Here is a file that may be of use to you. It is a rewrite of the printf function.

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