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    The task is to produce a working program to accept a set of instructions and to execute them on a stack and to output the result of the expression. The set of instrtuctions is to be held in an array that ideally should be loaded from a file. Validation of the set of input instructions is not required as we assume the set of intsructions have been produced by a translater.

    note: Any postfix expression will consist of literal values and the four operators + - * and /.

    For the infix expression: 2.4+6.37*4.9 the translater will generate:
    load 2.4
    load 6.37
    load 4.9
    apply *
    apply +

    This code will be evaluated on a stack computer as follows:
    Instruction Stack
    load 2.4 2.4
    load 6.37 2.4 6.37
    load 4.9 4.9
    apply * 2.4 31.213
    apply + 33.613
    stop (This will cause 33.613 to be output)

    Does anyone have any ideas for the coding?
    Any help much appreciated

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    > Does anyone have any ideas for the coding?

    Sure do. This is best solved using an advanced data structure commonly called a "stack", which utilizes a FILO design to store data. More information can be found in YOUR TEXTBOOK or ON THE FSCKING WEB!

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    Do it yourself or you will learn nothing

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