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    Question .ini file Read/Write

    Hi !
    I'm new to C-programmeing and need to read and write to an windows standard .ini file with sections aso.

    My question is if anyone have done it already and have some code for me to study and use ?

    Best regards

    Micael Waxby

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    You can also use the WinAPI to do the hard work for you. Lookup some of these functions (GetPrivateProfile* and WritePrivateProfile*)
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    I'am on track !

    GetPrivateProfileString() worked great. Now I just have to figure out on how to convert strings to doubles/int :-)

    I guess I havenš't started with the easiest as a completly beginner with C.

    Thanks !


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    your stdlib.h header file contains function to convert string to int/float/ouble etc.

    double atof( const char *nptr ); converts string to double
    int atoi ( cont char *nptr ); to int
    long atol ( ... to long

    check for some more fucntion concerning string to digit in stdlib.h ...
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