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    Return values

    There will be some library function whose return values are hardly taken care. Best example would be printf.
    During programming, we never catch its return value.

    Similar to printf, can I ignore sscanf function return value?

    Please advise.


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    >If n == 1, then you should not then go and use the result in b, because nothing will be there.

    Not sure, but i think...
    n == 1, so we assume a is converted, and b encounterd problem. How abt a encoutered problem first, b is converted? Will n still be 1? If yes, we can only test for n==0 for any error or n==2 for success.
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    >How abt a encoutered problem first, b is converted?
    This won't happen, if the conversion for a cannot be completed then sscanf returns EOF because an error occured before any conversions were made. Both a and b will remain indeterminate.

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